Wednesday, April 6, 2011

History of Banking in Nepal

The history of banking in Nepal is believed to be started from the time of Prime Minister Ranoddip Singh in 1877 A.D. he introduced many financial and economic reforms. The Tejaratha Adda was established at that time and its basic purpose was to provide credit facilities to the general public at a very concessional interest rate. The Tejarath Adda disbursed credit to the people on the basis of collateral of gold and silver.  All employees of government were also eligible for this type of loan,which was settled by deducting from their salary. Tejaratha Adda extended credit only; it did not accept deposits from the public.
But the real banking started with the establishment of Nepal bank limited in 1994 B.S which was founded by Judda Samsher. It was the first bank of Nepal.  Its main function was to provide loans and accept deposits. Later Nepal Rastra Bank was established as a central bank in 2013 B.S. The bank was completely government ownership bank and it also started to issues notes since 2016 B.S. Then after, several commercial banks have been established in the recent years.

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